What We Do

Really, the uniqueness of our products lies in its designing and the craftsmanship that we put into each creation. Inspired by antique reproductions of European and Victorian Museum Collections in appliqué work, we innovate and manufacture exquisite varieties of fine hand and hand machine embroideries in the plush fabrics like net, tulle, silk velvet, pure silk, suede, linen etc.

Over the years we have successfully catered to the needs of high-end boutiques and specialty stores in almost all the designer hubs of the world. We are regular in displaying our exquisite handmade designers collections at prestigious exhibitions in Europe and United States.

Designing and Customization

We specialize in supplying for esteemed projects in many countries and have, in the past catered for functions in the Royal Palaces and luxury boutique hotels.

With the help of our experienced designers and flawless craftsmen, we provide one-off customization to our clients and can produce according to their tastes, sizes, colors and fabric preferences.

We believe that designs are personal and an exquisite product can only be created when experienced artisans’ work on extra-fine raw materials, and do that extra bit required to achieve finesse.